Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Mini Spy Hidden Camera HD Body Camera Video Recorder Portable Pocket DV Cam Review

I bought this to use for mystery shopping gigs which sometimes pay more for having your own hidden video body camera, I got it yesterday and immediately charged it and then did a  couple of test runs around the house to see if it was going to work for my needs. I am ecstatic to say it will. I am confident after viewing my test videos that this will work for my needs. I have a mystery shop tomorrow and I'm looking forward to putting this thing to the ultimate test. The video quality is adequate for my needs but yes there are much more expensive products out there that will do much higher quality video but those products really aren't at this price point. It doesn't come with a memory card as some have mentioned, I was ok with that and didn't expect for it to have one included at the price I paid. I would recommend this item, for anyone who needs an inexpensive hidden body camera that doesn't need it to take video in 1080p HD. This is a great product for the price. If you are interested in purchasing this item you can find it on Amazon: Mini Spy Hidden Camera

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