Friday, December 23, 2016

New Glass Straws Premium Handmade 6 Pack Stylish Clear Straight Reusable Glass Straw 9in with Cleaning Brush - Hot and Cold Non Breakable Glass Drinking Straws

This review is actually meant to be a bit of comparison review between 3 types of reusable, sustainable straws that I have tried.  I have been trying various types of sustainable straws lately after realizing just how truly wasteful plastic and even paper disposable straws could be and this review will actually be a review of 3 different brands of reusable straws I have purchased . I have several reusable cups that I use regularly which came with hard plastic reusable straws but I don't care for the way the plastic feels in my mouth and they are hard to clean. So I first ordered some stainless steel straws from savvy straws which I love, and then I ordered the stainless steel straws from chuzy straws which are also quite good, and last but not least I ordered these glass straws from glass masters. I love all three products for different reasons, the stainless steel straws I particularly like because the stainless steel gets really ice cold in your drinks and really enhances the coldness of the drink especially on hot days. I really love using the stainless straws with my yeti and similar brand tumblers. The savvy straws are really nice and wide and make drinking thick shakes and smoothies a breeze. The chuzy straws are bent at the top and much thinner about the size of your traditional disposable straw and they are excellent for any of the tumblers you might have that have a straw hole that is the size of a typical disposable straw. The glass master straws are wider much like the savvy straws and also make drinking thick shakes and smoothies a breeze. The glass master straws do not get quite as chilly in drinks and my boyfriend prefers them because of this since he has sensitive teeth that ache when he drinks extremely cold drinks. I find the glass master straws excellent for drinking warmer drinks like coffee or hot tea because the glass straws warm up nicely without becoming too hot. All three products are excellent products and much more sustainable options than disposable straws. I hope that this review helps you choose which product would be the best for you. I received this product at a discount however this is my honest review. If you would like to purchase this item you can do so on Amazon at:

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