Friday, December 23, 2016

Terminator Stun Baton

As a part time female taxi driver who works the overnight shift I wanted to have something to use for self defense should it be necessary. I considered pepper spray but my research indicated that in the close confines of a vehicle, I would be just as likely affected by the spray as the person who was attacking me so I decided against using that. I am actually prohibited from carrying a firearm by the company I drive for so that option was out as well. That led me to purchasing this Terminator Stun Baton as a means of self defense should I find myself needing one. The baton came in a nice sturdy black plastic case with latches that secured it on each side. Inside the case you will find a black foam insert with holes cut out for the baton itself, the two battery chargers that were included with the baton, as well as a nice belt holster you can carry the baton on your side in. You get two chargers with which you can charge the included rechargeable 18650 batteries that come with the baton, one is a regular wall charger that you can plug into any standard wall outlet in your home and the other charger is a 12 volt charger that will plug into any standard vehicle cigarette lighter. I particularly appreciate having the included 12 volt charger since I will mostly be using this while on the job in my taxi. The baton itself is quite sturdy and well made of black metal. There is also an led flashlight built into one end of the baton, which gives it some actual day to day functionality for me which is why I chose this item over similar stun gun only batons. I actually carry a huge Maglight flashlight in my taxi which I use almost daily for helping see addresses on the side of houses or mailboxes in neighborhoods that aren't very well lit. While I like the Maglight and it has served its purpose well for years, it is just not nearly as bright as today's modern led flashlights plus it is much larger and heavier than this baton. So by purchasing the Terminator Stun Baton I was able to have both a means of self defense as well as an immensely brighter but lighter weight flashlight to replace my old outdated way too heavy Maglight with thus killing two birds with one stone. The included instructions advise you to first charge the included batteries for 8 hours before first use in order to maximize the battery life. The instructions for using the baton are a little bit confusing but nothing that is a big deal once you get used to operating the baton. That being said I would encourage anyone using this as their means of self defense practice activating the stun baton so that they are able to do so without hesitation should they find themselves in a situation where it becomes necessary. The flashlight is very bright and includes several different modes of operation including a strobe mode as well as an SOS mode both of which can be handy for attracting attention if one needs assistance such as in the event of a tire blowout or other roadside emergency. While it is impossible to test the actual stunning capability of this baton until one finds themselves in danger, I can say that when activated the stun portion seems quite formidable and appears to be functioning as expected. I had a stun gun when I was in my early 20's and from my recollection that one didn't seem nearly as impressive or strong as this one does. This is device is one which I hope I won't ever actually need to use but I am relieved to have on hand should such an occasion ever arise. I would wholeheartedly recommend the Terminator to anyone looking for this type of device. The terminator stun baton is well made of aircraft grade metal, has a very bright led flashlight built in to it, and it comes in a sturdy carrying case, it includes two different types of chargers, comes with two rechargeable batteries, as well as a handy belt holster, and is priced fairly and competitively with similar products on the market. I was given a discount on the purchase of this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review of the product, however my opinions are all my own and are in no way affected by that discount. I too use product reviews to help me decide whether or not I should purchase an item and I try to write reviews that answer the questions I would have about the product if I were the buyer. I hope you find this review helpful too you in deciding whether or not you should purchase this item. If you would like to purchase this product you buy it at

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