Friday, December 23, 2016

Ozeri OZP1 Movie Time 26 Cup Healthy Popcorn Maker, Red

I got this Ozeri popcorn maker because I hate the way microwave popcorn bags are laden with chemicals and despite having flavors names like movie theater butter taste nothing like the delicious popcorn you get at a movie theater. This unit is my favorite color red and it comes with a clear chute that the popcorn comes out of and it has a little cup which sits on the chute that can be used to measure your popcorn and to melt butter in if you would like. I use the cup for measuring my popcorn but not for melting butter in because I've found that its best to use clarified butter on your popcorn so that it doesnt make the popcorn soggy. I usually make my clarified butter immediately prior to making popcorn which means the butter is already melted from the clarifiying process and no further melting is needed. I have considered buying the ghee (clarified butter) that comes in jars at the supermarket and if I do so I will then use the cup to warm and melt the butter. This unit does pop very quickly and as many other reviewers have mentioned it is a bit over zealous and does shoot some unpopped kernels out with the popcorn but there are generally unpopped kernels whether you are using the stovetop popping method or bags of microwave popcorn so that was not a deal breaker for me. No the machine doesn't pop 26 cups of popcorn in one cycle but it does pop fast and it would be possible to pop 26 cups within a few cycles of the machine which would take no longer than a few minutes. In general there are faster ways to pop popcorn than getting a machine out if your primary concern is speed but mine that wasn't my reasoning for getting this product to begin with. My primary focus was on eliminating the harmful chemicals that are so highly prevalent in the microwave popcorn we buy and for my purposes this machine fits the bill. I do think the machine could be better designed so that it is tall enough to sit above a bowl that is large enough to hold a much higher volume of popcorn at one time and its for this reason that I gave this machine 4 stars instead of 5.If you are interested in purchasing this item you can find it located on Amazon at:

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