Thursday, July 6, 2017

isYoung Pet Fountain Automatic Water Dispenser Review

I got this isYoung Pet Fountain for my kitty little man because he likes to get up on the bathroom counter to drink out of the faucet. I thought this would give him the same kind of experience of drinking running water without having to leave a faucet  turned on all of the time. This fountain has a really fun, cute design and I love the matching flowered silicone mat that comes with it. The mat is great for protecting the surface of whatever you place the fountain on. In my case I actually have to keep it on my nightstand because I am living with my parents at the moment and their dog eats all of my kitty's food unless I put the dishes up somewhere that she can't reach it and this mat helps protect the nightstand from water that might splash out. It was super simple to put everything together. The pump is already in place in the base of the fountain. You just open the filters and rinse one under water to remove any loose sediment and then install it between the top of fountain and the water reservoir. You fill the water up until it reaches the bottom of the filter and turn it on. The flower where the water comes out is adjustable so that you can change the water from soft bubbling to streaming out from the flower. So far my Littleman has been a little timid of it but I expected that and I plan to keep it plugged in and running to give him time to slowly get used to it and begin using it. If you would like to purchase one of these fountains for your furry friend you can find it on Amazon here:  isYoung Pet Fountain

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