Monday, June 5, 2017

Everbellus Womens Butt Lifter Firm Control Panties Review

As I said in my last review for the Everbellus Womens Tummy Control Briefs, as a plus sized lady I feel that some garments look their best when paired with the proper foundation of undergarments.This is particularly true when it comes to any clothing made from slinky, silky feeling fabric. I find that these types of fabrics have a tendency to cling to any trouble spots or lumps and bumps you might have and inadvertently draw attention to them. That is where undergarments like these Everbellus panties come into use. After I got and reviewed the Everbellus Womens Tummy Control Briefs, I was given the opportunity to review these Everbellus Womens Butt Lifter Panties and despite being a little skeptical of the butt padding I decided to give them a try. Despite being a plus sized gal, I really don't have much of a derriere and what I do have is rather flat, but my concern before ordering these was that the padding in the butt area was going to look too exaggerated and obvious, but I was pleasantly surprised with just the right amount in all the right places. The padding on these looks great and makes my butt look shapely without making it look like its not mine. These briefs are made from the same type of microfiber material that the tummy control briefs were made of which helps to create a beautifully smooth foundation perfect to wear under any of your clothes, especially those clingy, silky ones. This particular pair of briefs features a high waist band which helps to hold in your tummy, and because these are styled like shorts they also help to hold in and smooth any trouble areas on your hips and thighs. As I said before, I don't harbor any illusions that these types of garments make me look ten pounds lighter or that they completely hide the fact that I am a plus sized woman, but I do feel that help to smooth out my lumps and bumps which makes me feel more confident and beautiful when it counts. I highly recommend you give the Everbellus panties a try. If you are interested in these  Everbellus Womens Butt Lifter Panties you can find them on Amazon.

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