Monday, June 26, 2017

LIUMY Digital Multimeter Review

I got this multimeter to replace a one of those cheap free with purchase multimeter's that come from harbor freight. My boyfriend had been making due with one of those for about 6months after having someone steal a lot of his tools. Prior to that he had been using a multimeter that cost nearly $200. I cannot tell you how much this multimeter has exceeded my expectations. First of all it does everything his almost $200 one did, plus it has a flashlight/worklight built in. It has a large backlit display which makes it super easy to read. It can measure temperature in both Celsius or Fahrenheit. It has wireless live line testing, continuity, NCV, touchless Voltage. diode polarity and so much more. It has a rubberized easy to grip coating which makes it easy to hold onto without dropping it.It also has a fold out stand. The auto off function warns you before cutting off, and you can just press the light/hold button to turn it back on after auto off. The NCV sensor works well at at a decent range. It comes with a detailed user manual and has a 24 month warranty.

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